Dogs, like humans, need exercise. They need to move their body, run around, and socialize – among other people or dogs. It is important that a dog must not be kept in isolation for a long time as that will increase your dog’s stress and anxiety. Not only will that affect your dog’s mental state, but may also affect his physical condition. If the balance between energy intake (food and sweets) and consumed energy (activity) is not equal, your dog has a great risk of being overweight.

A dog that is active feels better both physically and mentally giving you as an owner little to no problems at all. There are many great ways to exercise your dog. With both physical and mental activities, both are equally important. An unbalance can result in diseases and behavioral disorders. All breeds of dogs need to be exercised even if it obviously differs in intensity and scope, depending on your dog’s breed and age. All training must be based on what shape the dog is in, how old your dog is, and what conditions their breed has.

Dogs are man’s best friend, as the saying goes. Many can testify that it is wonderful to have a dog, but being a dog owner also involves a responsibility both towards the dog and towards other human beings. In order to take into account both dog owners and other residents, there are special rules regarding dogs in public areas. Therefore, dog-friendly parks are a dog owner’s haven. We provide a directory for dog friendly parks near you.